Rebel Cookie


Here, There, Everywhere!

Here, There, Everywhere!


Rebel Cookie uses his MagicMagic, decreasing the enemies’ DEF, making them more vulnerable to all types of damage, and dealing damage. Enemies with decreased DEF will receive additional damage. Rebel Cookie will increase the allies’ CRIT% and provide an HP ShieldHP Shield for them, blocking damage equal to a portion of the damage he has dealt. After finishing using his skill, he will create 2 decoys that will Push enemies back with each Regular Attack. The decoys have a number of Hits instead of HP. While Rebel Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


Skill DMG: up to x6 hits over 1.5 sec; 110.2% DMG per hit Status DefDown DEF: -14.0% for 14 sec; stacks up to x6 All-Type DMG Vulnerability: targets receive +60.0% DMG for 14 sec Extra DMG to DEF-Reduced Targets (Cookies): 78.9% Extra DMG to DEF-Reduced Targets (Others): 315.4% Status CritRateUp CRIT%: +15.0% for 11 sec; stacks up to x1 Status Shield HP ShieldHP Shield: blocks DMG equal to 35.0% of the DMG dealt for 10 sec; Shield Capacity is capped at 30.0% of target's Max HP Decoy: 60.0% of the caster's ATK; must be hit x10 times to disappear Decoy DMG: 162.3 of ATK







Release Date


Voice Actor

  • Edward Hong
  • Kim Ju-ho (김주호)
  • Kawanishi Kengo (河西健吾)
  • Shen Tingjun (沈庭均)
  • Nirun Boonyarattaphan (นิรันดร์ บุณยรัตพันธุ)
  • Daniel Kirchberger
  • Gary Fossier-Renna

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Game Info

Rebel Cookie (Korean: 의적맛 쿠키, uijong-mat kuki, "Righteous Outlaw Cookie") is an Epic Cookie released in the Dawn of the Dragon update (v4.16). He is of the AmbushAmbush AmbushAmbush type and his position is prioritized to the Front Front.

Game Description

Be aware, greedy Cookies! One swift Cookie might already be going over your fence to fix injustice as we speak! Rebel Cookie, made with newly harvested rice that was organically farmed with just the right method, is bound to make you feel healthier just by looking at him! With self-taught excellency in MagicMagic, he is someplace one second and somewhere else in another, traveling on his cloud to rob the storages of wealthy and corrupt Cookies! Even when he gets locked up by the guards... POOF! He's gone, leaving a straw doll in his stead. Rebel Cookie equally and fairly distributes the stolen Jellies among villagers, which is why every village loves him! He will never stop fighting for justice! Rebel Cookie will undoubtedly go down in history!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Rebel Cookie's soul. It feels healthy, strong, and determined to do the right thing.

Character Inspiration

Rebel Cookie is heavily based on Hong Gildong (홍길동) of the novel Hong Gildong jeon (홍길동전)/The Biography of Hong Gildong. A highly iconic folk hero in Korean culture, Hong Gildong was the genius son of a powerful man, being born with supernatural powers and incredible martial arts prowess. Hong Gildong left his well-to-do lifestyle and became the leader of a band of thieves dedicated to stealing from caches of resources across the country and giving them to the needy. Such relates closely to Rebel Cookie's skills in cloning MagicMagic and combat as well as his affinity for a righteous redistribution of wealth. More specifically, Hong Gildong is famously known to have had the power to clone himself using straw dolls and to control and "ride" the wind,[2] both of which Rebel Cookie himself is capable. Additionally, Hong Gildong is strongly associated with wearing a cobalt blue coat, white bandana, and straw hat due to Shin Dong Wu (신동우)'s depiction of the character in his 1960's publication Hong Gildong.[3] Rebel Cookie's own appearance exactly matches this archetypal outfit. Rebel Cookie's release in Cookie Run: Kingdom to commemorate the Lunar Year of the Dragon also relates to Hong Gildong and was likely carefully planned. It is said that Hong Gildong was conceived after his father witnessed dreams of a great blue dragon, and such indicated to the father that his child would have magnificent powers; this detail of a blue dragon brings to mind the sapphire Mint Cream Dragon and its prevalence in Rebel Cookie's introductory update, Dawn of the Dragon (v4.16).


Rebel Cookie is the first AmbushAmbush AmbushAmbush Cookie to be prioritized to the Front Front position. Rebel Cookie’s gacha theme is a remix of his Trial theme from Cookie Run: OvenBreak. Rebel Cookie's original Korean name (의적맛 쿠키, uijong-mat kuki) more closely translates into Righteous Outlaw Cookie in English. Rebel Cookie's Korean voice actor, Kim Ju-ho, also provides the voice of Snowfall Villager. Rebel Cookie's German voice actor, Daniel Kirchberger, also provides the voice of Cream Unicorn Cookie Cream Unicorn Cookie.
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