Choco Chip Hammer

Choco Chip Hammer


Each Schwarzwälder’s regular attack has a chance to stun the target. Upon using the skill, Schwarzwälder will receive the Howling effect, increasing his own ATK SPD, and DMG ResistDMG Resist, and increasing the team's ATK. When the effect duration is over, Schwarzwälder will ChargeCharge at the enemies, strike them with his hammer, stun them, and inflict the Hammer Shock debuff. The debuff will reduce the enemies’ ATK and cause them to receive more damage from the next Schwarzwälder’s skill attacks with the hammer.


• Regular Attack Stun: 1.0 sec with 50.0% chance ChargeCharge DMG: 79.2% • Hammer DMG: 244.9% & Stun for 2.5 sec • Hammer Shock Debuff: ATK -5.5% & Extra Skill DMG with Hammer +200.0% for 40.0 sec; stacks up to x3 • ATK: +15.0 for 8.0 sec • ATK SPD: +35.0% for 8.0 sec DMG ResistDMG Resist: +30.0% for 8.0 sec







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• Top compatibility of Wildberry Cookie • The skill mechanism of pPurple Yam Cookie or Wildberry Cookies is turned upside down, hit hard first, and the dill tang gets stronger for 8 seconds, so it's strong because you don't have to wait until the extreme deal • One tanker line with sufficient specification

Voice Actor

  • Kellen Goff
  • Park Yo-han (박요한)
  • Asami Kentarō (浅水健太郎)
  • Huang Tianyou (黃天佑)
  • Ukrit Distakorn (อุกฤษณ์ ดิษฐากรณ์)
  • Meike Schmidt
  • Camille LAMACHE

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Soulstone Farming

Dark 16-21, 18-21
Master 5-22

Game Info

Schwarzwälder (Korean: 찰스, chalseu, "Charles"), also known as Choco Werehound Brute (Korean: 초코크림 늑대 망치맨, choko-kurim neugdae mangchi-man, "Choco Cream Wolf Hammer-Man") is an Epic Cookie released in the Brave Together BTSBTS Crossover update (v3.8). He is of the ChargeChargeclass.webp ChargeCharge type and his position is prioritized to the Frontpos.webp Front. Alongside Bat-Cat, he is a servant to Licohead.webp Licorice Cookie and makes a significant appearance in World ExplorationWorld Exploration Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4 for general meddling purposes. He appears again in Grandberry Market and Hollyberry Palace as Choco Werehound Princess, an alter ego created to enter the Hollyberry Kingdom's Princess Contest.

Game Description

Red eyes, rough mane, sharp fangs! His name is Choco Werehound Brute, and his enormous hammer will make the Cookie Kingdom tremble! And if the sound of the distant thumping of this fearsome giant's heavy feet is not enough, his roar will make you faint! Choco Werehound Brute might be no more than Licorice Cookie's underling running itsy-bitsy errands, but his ambitions do not end here. Far from it! One day, he will become the strongest Cake Monster, and then, THEN...! The whole world will fear the name "Choco Werehound Brute!" And so, the big dreamer bids farewell to another gorgeous sunset under the pouring rain... The life of an upstart villain is rough and tough, but Choco Werehound Brute must be strong. He must not let anyone know of his proper aristocratic upbringing and his real name... Schwarzwälder.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of the soul of a hammer-wielding Cake Monster. Be it Brute or Schwarzwälder, his ambitions are big either way!


Schwarzwälder is the first playable non-Cookie character in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Schwarzwälder is the second playable character in Cookie Run: Kingdom to not have the word “Cookie” at the end of his name, the first one being GingerBrave. Schwarzwälder's Skill art atop Blackpearlhead.png Black Pearl Cookie's Skill icon; notice the lighter lines around the top and right sides of the Skill icon Schwarzwälder's Skill icon is physically based upon that of Blackpearlhead.png Black Pearl Cookie—that is, its specific art is overlain on Black Pearl Cookie's Skill icon, though it is misaligned and the original art underneath shows. "Schwarzwälder" is a German word meaning "person from the black forest", drawing a reference to black forest cake. Rather than Schwarzwälder, his original name in the Korean version of the game, 찰스, (chalseu), translates to Charles in English. In the Japanese version, Choco Werehound Brute is called Francois (フランソワ, furansowa). In the Spanish version, Choco Werehound Brute is called Don Carlos. According to his loading screen trivia, "When Licohead.webp Licorice Cookie and Bat-Cat give him a rough time, Schwarzwälder likes to have a nice cup of tea alone in secret..." Schwarzwälder shares his Korean voice actor, Park Yo-han, with Espressohead.webp Espresso Cookie. Schwarzwälder shares his English voice actor, Kellen Goff, with Wind archer head.png Wind Archer Cookie and Timid Sugar Gnome. Schwarzwälder shares his Taiwanese voice actor, Huang Tianyou, with Almondhead.png Almond Cookie. Schwarzwälder shares his Thai voice actor, Ukrit Distakorn, with Pitaya Dragon Cookie. Schwarzwälder shares his German and French voice actresses, Meike Schmidt and Camille Lamache, with Hollyberry Cookie. Schwarzwälder's internal name is 'cookie0570'. As an NPC/Boss Enemy, his internal name is 'm10128'.
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