Super Epic
Sherbet Cookie


Frost Shards

Frost Shards


Summons 15 frost shards, divides them based on the number of targets, and attacks the enemies, cycling between them in the order of the highest ATK. Frost shards deal additional damage depending on the number of Frost stacks. Targets with frost shards are inflicted with Frost and Nullify Debuff ResistDebuff Resist debuffs. There is a chance of hit targets to become Frozen as well. Frozen targets receive additional damage when thawed. The amount of this additional damage and the chance of becoming Frozen increases depending on the number of Frost stacks. Sherbet Cookie is partially immune to Freezing and, thanks to the Warm Light of Life effect, will convert HealingHealing that exceeds his Max HP to an HP ShieldHP Shield. While Sherbet Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


Frost Shards DMG: 74.0% per Shard Status Frost Frost: ATK SPD -5.0%, Freezing DMG +50.0% (capped at 350%) for 16 sec Frost Additional DMG: 49.2% (Cookies), 15.0% (Others) per Shard Status Nullify Debuff ResistDebuff Resist Nullify Debuff ResistDebuff Resist: nullifies 30.0% of Debuff ResistDebuff Resist for 16 sec; stacks up to x1 Status FreezeFreeze Freezing: FreezeFreezes the target for 1 sec with 8.0% chance; the chance is increased by 2.0% per stack of Frost Freezing DMG: 42.2% of ATK Frost Resistance: Sherbet Cookie gets -50.0% to Freezing DMG and duration Warm Light of Life: 55.0% of HealingHealing exceeding Max HP is converted to Status Shield HP ShieldHP Shield (capacity is capped at 30.0% of Max HP)







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• If you use it as an ice deck with Queen Surrey cookies, you can neutralize the opponent with infinite ice debuff. • Compliant offensive and defensive stats • Most Highly Utilized Cookies of Super Epic Ratings

Voice Actor

  • Bryson Baugus
  • Ji Mi-ae (지미애)
  • Ise Mariya (伊瀬茉莉也)
  • Wang Zhenling (王貞令)
  • Krit Sirisawat (กฤต ศิริสวัสดิ์)
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

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Soulstone Farming

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Ice ElementIce ElementIce Element

Game Info

Sherbet Cookie (Korean: 소르베맛 쿠키, sorube-mat kuki, "Sorbet Cookie") is a Super Epic Cookie released alongside Carol Cookie in the first part of the Stories by the Fireplace update (v3.10). He is of the RangedRanged RangedRanged type and his position is prioritized to the Middle Middle. He first appeared as an NPC in the Frost Crystals Story Event. He is a close friend of Cotton Cookie Cotton Cookie, who provided him with diligent care while he was ill.

Game Description

Here comes winter, where all life falls aSleepSleep under the soft blanket of snow. If you suddenly feel a gust of warm breeze on a chilly day, the frost spirit might have passed you by! Sherbet Cookie is always where the glistening first snow is falling gently on your windowsill. He takes the coldest and harshest winds with him, leaving you with the gift of cozy winter. No wonder everyone is waiting for this bright and friendly spirit’s arrival! Sherbet Cookie always dreamt of traveling the world, yet he was destined to become one with ice crystals. A single drop of warmness helped him turn into the freedom-loving sherbet snow spirit. Now, Sherbet Cookie never stays long in one place, traveling across the lands wherever the wind takes him. Still, there always will be a special memory that fills his heart with hope and warmth-a stubborn lantern light that will never stop waiting for his return!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Sherbet Cookie's soul. The frozen soul is crystal clear, with not a speck of dust to be found and a warm light glistening in its core.


According to Sherbet Cookie's loading screen trivia, "When you spot the first snow of the season, make sure to look up! You might be able to see Sherbet Cookie!" Sherbet Cookie's name in the original Korean text (소르베맛 쿠키, sorube-mat kuki) translates to Sorbet Cookie in English. Sorbet Shark Cookie, conversely, is known as Sherbet Shark Cookie in Korean. Sherbet Cookie's Japanese voice actress, Ise Mariya, also provides the voice of Tiger Lily Cookie Tiger Lily Cookie. Sherbet Cookie's voice had a reverb effect when he first became a frost spirit in the Lantern in the Snow story. However, his playable version's voice has no reverb effect. Sherbet Cookie's internal name is "cookie0571". Sherbet Cookie and his update are occasionally referred to as "fox" in game's files.
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