Sparkling Cookie

Sparkling CookieSparkling Cookie
dialogue bubbleHave a glass! It's on me.
Sparkling Cookie
Sparkling Cocktail

Sparkling Cocktail


Throws refreshing healing cocktails at two allies with the lowest HP. The cocktail's divine aroma raises the whole squad's morale, increasing their Critical Strike Chance.


• Healing: 139% of ATK (+1.8~1.9% per level) • +25.0% CRIT% for 7.0 sec







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• Buffer and healer that heal and increases the critical chances Grim-looking ScytheGrim-looking ScytheGrim-looking Scythe + Bear Jelly's LollipopBear Jelly's LollipopBear Jelly's Lollipop + 스파클링 + Juicy Apple JellyJuicy Apple Jelly can make it close to 100% critical chance

Voice Actor

  • Kim Yeong-seon (김영선)
  • Xander Mobus
  • Jens Wendland
  • Franck LORRAIN
  • Kobayashi Chiaki (小林千晃)
  • Phiphat Bunsitthiloet (พิพัฒน์ บุญสิทธิเลิศ)
  • Yu Zhengsheng (于正昇)

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Game Info

Sparkling Cookie (Korean: 스파클링맛 쿠키, spakeulling-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie available since launch. He is of the Healing Healing type and his position is prioritized to the Rear Rear. He appears in the Tropical Soda Islands Story as part of the main cast and in the BOO! Halloween Masquerade story as the Costume contest's host.

Game Description

This is the day! You have received an invitation to the famous Sparkling Party. Sparkling Cookie greets you personally with a dazzling smile and offers a glass of Sparkling Juice. All the guests are fascinated with his impeccable manners and looks: his boyish rolled up sleeves and bouncy bubble hair. It is going to be the best holiday party ever!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Sparkling Cookie's soul. You can distinguish exquisite golden bubbles inside.
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