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Stardust Cookie


Wrath of the Stars

Wrath of the Stars


Stardust Cookie soars in the sky and marks the enemy with the highest ATK (targets Cookies first) with the Sign of the Stars. Then he will descend to deal area damage to the enemies, amplifying debuffs they receive. Targets will receive additional damage depending on the number of buffs they currently have. The Sign of the Stars prevents the target from gaining. buffs, decreases their ATK and HealingHealing, and increases the DMG received. If the skill delivers a critical hit, the target will fall ASleepSleep. If the Sign of the Stars is dispelled, the target and the nearby enemies will receive damage. After casting his skill, Stardust Cookie will gain a DMG ResistDMG Resist buff himself. If the enemies are ASleepSleep, Stardust Cookie summons meteors to attack them.


Wrath of the Stars DMG: 436.2% of ATK Additional DMG per No. of Buffs: 65.0% of ATK per buff Status AmpDebuff Amplified Debuffs: +10.0% for 12.0 sec; stacks up for x1 Status SotS Sign of the Stars: prevents buffs for 20.0 sec, DMG received +35.0%, ATK -30.0%, HealingHealing -40.0% Upon dispelling Sign of the Stars: Status SleepSleep SleepSleep for 1.5 sec; Area DMG equal to 1,005.0% of ATK Status DmgDown DMG ResistDMG Resist: +35.0% for 7.5 sec; stacks up to x1 Meteor DMG: 301.5% of ATK







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• High-carrying "main dealer" • Powerful debuffers, including increased harmful effects, no buffs, etc • If you hit a critical blow, you'll get a big deal and SleepSleep effect • Use SleepSleep Synergy Combination with Moonlight Sorcerer Cookies • High Damage Factor • Short Skill Cool Time, Good Judgment

Voice Actor

  • Robbie Daymond
  • Kang Ho-chul (강호철)
  • Ichikawa Aoi (市川 蒼)
  • Chen Hongyu (陳宏宇)
  • Chalermpol Phaetkadi (เฉลิมพล แพทย์คดี)
  • Julian Henneberg
  • Arnaud LAURENT

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Soulstone Farming

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Game Info

Stardust Cookie (스타더스트 쿠키, sutadeosutu kuki) is a Super Epic Cookie who first appeared in Fateful Moonrise update (v4.1) and became playable alongside Space Doughnut in the Across the Galaxy of Dreams update (v4.2). He is of the AmbushAmbush type, and his position is prioritized to the Middle. Stardust Cookie is a Cookie born from "imperfect" dough imbued with nameless starlight, an unforeseen byproduct of Moonlight Cookie's flawless, moonlight-infused dough that the Wizards discarded into space. Baked by the light of the stars, he travels across the cosmos in search of his origins and a place to call home. He first appeared as an NPC in the story of Eternal City of Wizards, where he arrived in the titular city. However, he was teased as early as the story of Dream Express, which warned of a coming disaster in the form of a spacefaring Cookie.

Game Description

It is hard to say how long the lonesome speck of Cookie dough had been drifting in the vast emptiness of space before the radiance of nameless stars blessed it with the gift of life. Was it a mere coincidence...? For Stardust Cookie, the warmth of many suns was the heat of the oven, and the distant planets were his only companions in his light-speed journey across galaxies. Beckoned by shapeless, fleeting nebulae, guided by the whispering of the stars, Stardust Cookie headed to the City of Wizards to uncover the secret of his birth. Was he trying to find his long-lost purpose, or, on the contrary, escape his predetermined fate...? With a glint of a stray shooting star, this lonesome voyager crosses someone's sky tonight, seeking a place to call home.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Stardust Cookie's soul. Imbued with the pulse of distant stars, it is calling into the depths of the cosmos!
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