Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Strawberry Crepe CookieStrawberry Crepe Cookie
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Strawberry Crepe Cookie
Crepe Thrust

Crepe Thrust


Uses the giant crepe arms to cause area damage. Reduces DMG received by two allies (targets Cookies first) with the lowest Max HP.


• Single hit DMG: 330.0% (+4.1-4.2% DMG per level) DMG ResistDMG Resist: +50.0% for 8.0 sec


Strawberry Crepe





Release Date



• Tanker that performs well in Arena and Adventure

Voice Actor

  • Valeria Rodriguez
  • Zhan Yajing (詹雅菁)
  • Lee Ji-hyeon (이지현)
  • Josephine Martz
  • Hidaka Rina (日高里菜)
  • Patricia LEGRAND
  • Wichaya Wangcherdchuwong (วิชยา หวังเชิดชูวงศ์)

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Game Info

Strawberry Crepe Cookie (Korean: 딸기크레페맛 쿠키, ttalgikurepe-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the second half of the Lost Kingdom update (v1.3). They are of the Defense type and their position is prioritized to the Front. Their release completed the First Cookie Legion. Strawberry Crepe Cookie initially appears in Castle in the Sky, stifling GingerBrave and company's progress. They later make a reappearance as a supporting role in Chapter 1 of Cookie Odyssey.

Game Description

Sweet strawberry cream, crispy waffles, and chubby fresh strawberries—is there a cuter combination? Meet Strawberry Crepe Cookie with an unyielding sparkle of curiosity in their eyes. And this curiosity is a force to be reckoned with: Strawberry Crepe Cookie will stop at nothing to find an answer to every question! Having grown up with Wafflebots, this Cookie preferred tinkering with robotic parts to playing with toys. This little genius's cute waffle headset is a tiny engineering marvel on its own. But don't touch it! Or you risk witnessing a change from the cute Strawberry Crepe Cookie to the furious one.
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