White Lily Cookie

White Lily Cookie





In the tutorial prologue, White Lily Cookie's Skill increases the team's CRIT% and summons 2 lilies which bloom into smaller lilies after a short delay, dealing damage to enemies. This Skill has a 15 sec Cooldown and may change in her full release.



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Voice Actor

  • Erica Mendez
  • Song Ha-rim (송하림)
  • Inoue Marina (井上麻里奈)
  • Zhan Yajing (詹雅菁)
  • Nanthanaphon Prasomsri (นันทนาพร ประสมศรี)
  • Freya Trampert
  • Juliette LAMBOLEY

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Game Info

White Lily Cookie (Korean: 세인트릴리 쿠키, seinteulilli kuki, "Saint Lily Cookie") is an NPC in Cookie Run: Kingdom. She is an Ancient Hero and is currently only briefly playable in the Prologue. Her position is prioritized to the Rear Rear and her type is unclear. White Lily Cookie is first encountered in World Exploration in Dragon Hill during which she joins GingerBrave's party. She remains a party presence for the majority of the following Episodes, leading the cast toward various important locations. Eventually, she disappears from the main party at the end of Hall of Enlightenment, appearing only through flashbacks and illusions in Timeless Kingdom and the Tower of Sweet Chaos Story.

Game Description

A solitary beam of moonlight shines in twilight. Like a pale lily, touched by the softest drops of rain, a Cookie silently enters the world. Her serene eyes reveal a curious nature eager for knowledge. Wielder of the mysterious Lily Staff, White Lily Cookie has proven to be a trusty friend and ally during the grim Dark Flour War. Victory was achieved, but alas, a dazed White Lily Cookie awoke amongst a field of flowers with no memory of the past. A longing for Pure Vanilla Cookie Pure Vanilla Cookie lingers on as a figment of the past, a memory within reach yet so elusive. Though a white lily's fragility invokes sympathy, do not forget that there is an intoxicating aroma hidden behind her pure, serene beauty. Our heroes found this Cookie upon a white lily glade. What could have happened to her...?
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