Wildberry Cookie

Wildberry CookieWildberry Cookie
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Wildberry Cookie
Wild Punch

Wild Punch


Wildberry Cookie unleashes his Battle Rage, dealing more powerful attacks and activating his Wild buff that cannot be dispelled. At the end of the Battle Rage mode, Wildberry Cookie musters all his strength, dealing an uppercut and a final blow. The Wild buff will stack with each hit Wildberry Cookie receives: the more stacks he has, the more powerful his final blow's DMG will be. While Wildberry Cookie is dealing an uppercut and his final blow, he will become resistant to interrupting effects. Being a large Cookie, Wildberry Cookie is less affected by Knockback or Flying.


• Battle Rage: 8.0 sec • Single Hit DMG: 423.5% + Stun 1.3 Sec • Extra DMG to Knockback-resisting enemies: +100.0% • Wild: +35.3% to final blow for every hit, up to 30 stacks DMG ResistDMG Resist: +15.0% to all allies during Battle Rage • Uppercut DMG: 19.3% (+0.263% per level) • Final blow DMG: 141.6% (+1.93% per level) + Wild's extra DMG • Final blow stun: 2.3 sec







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• All-purpose cookies for both tanker and dealer • The one-minute critical hit deal is powerful.

Voice Actor

  • Maeno Tomoaki (前野智昭)
  • Philipp Baltus
  • Sakkarat Amsom (ศักราช อ่ำส้ม)
  • Wu Wenmin (吳文民)
  • Han Bok-hyun (한복현)
  • Kamran Nikhad
  • Laurent BLANPAIN

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Game Info

Wildberry Cookie (Korean: 와일드베리맛 쿠키, waildeuberi-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released alongside Clotted Cream Cookie in the first part of The Council of Heroes update (v3.0). He is of the Defense Defense type and his position is prioritized to the Front Front. Employed by Jungleberry Cookie, Wildberry Cookie serves as Hollyberry Cookie's bodyguard and associate during the events of Cookie Odyssey.

Game Description

Filled to the brim with wild tropical berries, Wildberry Cookie's ardent loyalty to the Hollyberry Kingdom is unquestionable. And the brightly gleaming jewel embedded into his mighty gauntlet is proof! Young Wildberry Cookie once roamed the ramshackle alleys of the Hollyberry capital until an unexpected savior offered him a helping hand. Insidious whispers have been following this knight of few words ever since: they claim he is prone to solving problems with brute force, but these rumors cannot be farther from the truth. Wildberry Cookie has sworn to do whatever it takes to protect his kingdom and its royal dynasty! Even though sometimes what it takes is serving generous amounts of berry juice!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Wildberry Cookie's soul. Like a red plump berry in the rough thickets, his sturdy and reliable nature shines brightly with a red glow.
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