Hero Blessed by the Stars
Wildberry Cookie

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Game Description

The northern sky where star beasts roar and growl. The power of the constellations dwell(sic) within Wildberry Cookie, enabling him to protect the peace of the night. Not even the ferocious serpent star constellation, tightening it's(sic) grip around him nor the lion constellation tumbling about excitedly could make him falter. This is the beginning of a new legend!


Blessed by the Stars is based upon Heracles/Hercules of Greek mythology and the constellation named after him. The lion upon Wildberry Cookie's shoulder likely is based on the lion skin often worn by Heracles while the snake about his arm perhaps is a reference to the snakes strangled by Heracles as an infant. The description of Blessed by the Stars mentions a "serpent constellation" and a "lion constellation"; while there are established serpent and lion constellations—Serpens and Leo respectively—these constellations in real-life mythology don't seem to have any connection to Heracles.