S+Old Pilgrim's ScrollOld Pilgrim's Scroll• Essential Treasure, granting a powerful ATK boost to all Cookies on a team. • Giving a buff similar to a full 5x M Searing RaspberrySearing RaspberrySearing Raspberry set when maxed out, the increase in ATK can mean the difference between victory and defeat in almost any case, as almost every Cookie's Skill has an ATK scaling.
S+Disciple's Magic ScrollDisciple's Magic Scroll
S+Dream Conductor's WhistleDream Conductor's Whistle
S+Sleepyhead's Jelly WatchSleepyhead's Jelly Watch
S+Squishy Jelly WatchSquishy Jelly Watch• The easiest essential Treasure to max, being a Common Treasure • Cooldown reduction allows Cookies to use their Skills more often, rather than idly rely on their stats alone • Because even the charging cooldown of Skills is affected by Cooldown reduction, it's especially essential in Kingdom ArenaKingdom Arena, reducing the time before Cookies can cast their Skills at the start of the battle.
S+Vial of Raging DunesVial of Raging Dunes
S+Sugar Swan's Shining FeatherSugar Swan's Shining Feather• Revives a single Cookie while resetting their Skill's cooldown • This only works once per battle, but can be a key asset in Kingdom ArenaKingdom Arena, bringing one's softest Cookie back with a ready-to-cast Skill.
SThunder God's Paper CharmThunder God's Paper Charm
SExplorer's MonocleExplorer's Monocle
SLibrarian's Enchanted RobesLibrarian's Enchanted Robes• Improves the ATK SPD of the two Cookies with the most bonus ATK SPD, has extremely effective utility in attack-speed compositions. • While it's recommended mostly for those specific compositions, it can nevertheless still help other progressing Cookie teams, and its buff targets can be easily selected via Toppings.
SInsignia of the Indomitable KnightsInsignia of the Indomitable Knights• Mandatory for teams that use {{쿠키|실론나이트}}, HealingHealing all Cookies by a percentage of their max HP whenever an ally is defeated, while also granting the final survivor a short period of invincibility before they can be defeated themselves. • {{쿠키|실론나이트}}'s Tea knight skill Battlemaster can be optimized using this treasure, allowing him to tear down almost any team by himself after his teammates fall. • Other teams can also use this treasure simply to counter one-shot compositions in Kingdom ArenaKingdom Arena, assuming they're tanky enough to counterattack. • However, it's far poorer for World Exploration, as it requires Cookies to fall to have any effect.
SPriestess Cookie's Paper CharmPriestess Cookie's Paper Charm• Removes buffs and deals a percent of the team's total ATK. • In Kingdom ArenaKingdom Arena, it can help against buff-reliant compositions, but it otherwise doesn't help as much as other Treasures, dealing less damage than Elder Pilgrim's Torch. • Most enemies in World Exploration aren't reliant on buffs either.
SGrim-looking ScytheGrim-looking Scythe• Similar to Old Pilgrim's Scroll in that it can increase a Cookie team's damage output. • While it's not necessarily reliable in that regard since it increase CRIT chance rather than damage, combining it with the Old Pilgrim's Scroll can allow a team to "cheat" through fights with a greater chance of additional burst damage.
ADurianeer's Squeaky Flamingo TubeDurianeer's Squeaky Flamingo Tube• Increases the maximum HP of the two Cookies with the highest HP, allowing bulky Front Cookies to live even longer. • It can help when trying to 3-star World Exploration stages, but it doesn't improve a team's damage output, nor can it replace having adequate HealingHealing.
ABookseller's MonocleBookseller's Monocle• Help a Cookie team get through a level where enemies can inflict a potentially-lethal debuff on one's Cookie, or break them from a long stun, all the while HealingHealing the entire team. • Because of its lengthy cooldown, it's best to activate it when it can have the most effect. In Kingdom ArenaKingdom Arena, the cleanse and heal can turn the tide against an enemy Skill combo, or break them out of an area-of-effect stun to counterattack, although the very lengthy cooldown means that it can only happen once.
AGrim-looking Electrifying ScytheGrim-looking Electrifying Scythe
AGatekeeper Ghost's HornGatekeeper Ghost's Horn• Increases Cookie DEF, allowing them to survive more attacks. • It greatly improves the sturdiness of one's Front Cookies, while also keeping Middle and Rear Cookies from being too quickly defeated by stray shots and area-of-effect abilities.
APilgrim's SlingshotPilgrim's Slingshot• Necessary for players against bosses such as the Red Velvet Dragon in Guild Battles, able to reduce a large percentage of the target's DEF for a short while • It also helps make backline enemies more susceptible to group damage, which could help defeat Rear position Cookies earlier in Kingdom ArenaKingdom Arena.
ABear Jelly's LollipopBear Jelly's Lollipop• The most benefits Cookie teams progressing through World Exploration, as timing it with the strongest Cookie's Skill will deal great damage to any wave. • Because auto-battle uses it immediately cooldown, it's less reliable in Kingdom ArenaKingdom Arena, but it can also make a team's strongest Cookie even more dangerous in the first few seconds of a battle.
AHollyberrian Royal NecklaceHollyberrian Royal Necklace
ASeamstress's Pin CushionSeamstress's Pin Cushion• Buffs both the ATK and duration of summoned creatures. Combined with the Old Pilgrim's Scroll, this Treasure can improve a summoned creature's Attack by over 60%, which can really boost the damage output of summoner Cookies. However, it goes without saying that only summoner Cookies make use of this Treasure.
ADivine Honey Cream CrownDivine Honey Cream Crown• {{보물|낫}} It is a specialized reinforced treasure that follows {{보물|낫}} is that it only applies to the most aggressive cookies, but only when using the skill and increases the critical damage factor. • rare treasure in this respectSimilar to {{보물|사탕}} and specialized in fatal hits {{쿠키|오이스터}}, a high-dill {{쿠키|뱀파이어}}Good compatibility with }.
ABlind Healer's StaffBlind Healer's Staff• Gives an additional means of HealingHealing, granting a heal-over-time on one's lowest Health Cookie. • It's not a substitute for a HealingHealing Cookie, however, and doesn't always target the Cookie that the player needs healed first.
AThe Order's Sacred ForkThe Order's Sacred Fork• A single boss and a powerful treasure. • It is also used in the Battle of the Guild and the Battle of the Fate Archangel Boss.
BMiraculous Natural RemedyMiraculous Natural Remedy• Very useful for teams that use {{쿠키|실론나이트}}, providing both heals and purifying effects exclusively to the Cookie with the highest Health. • This treasure can also be used in Story Mode if your team has only one tank, as it improves their survivability by targeting them exclusively.
BEcho of the Hurricane's SongEcho of the Hurricane's Song• A powerful one-hit treasure that can deal the most damage out of any other options, especially when combined with DEF reduction abilities. • However, it has a massive minute-long cooldown, and so typically does nothing else as soon as it's spent. • It's best used in battles expected to end quickly, such as in Tower of Sweet Chaos levels or alongside one-shot compositions.
BMilk Tribe's Frozen TorchMilk Tribe's Frozen Torch
BBlossoming Acorn BombBlossoming Acorn Bomb
BElder Pilgrim's TorchElder Pilgrim's Torch• Grants another means of inflicting additional damage, doing so in a small area. • This can be somewhat useful in clearing Stages faster if one lacks the damage, but relies on enemies being within the given area to have an effect. • It can be more effective in Kingdom ArenaKingdom Arena where Cookies may not move around as much, and can help a team win even when left with only a Healer Cookie.
BSacred Pomegranate BranchSacred Pomegranate Branch• Shields every Cookie on the team based on their Max HP. • It can help a team survive Kingdom ArenaKingdom Arena teams reliant on bursting the enemy in one Skill combo, but it isn't reliable in that regard, and has a long cooldown as well.
CMiraculous Ghost Ice CreamMiraculous Ghost Ice Cream• Reduces the armor of the nearest enemy, allowing Cookies to whittle down a frontline more quickly. • It can mildly substitute for the Treasure Pilgrim's Slingshot against bosses, although it inflicts less DEF Down, and is less reliable against bosses that can summon enemies.
CIce-cold Energy DrinkIce-cold Energy Drink
CAcorn Snowball With a Tiny CookieAcorn Snowball With a Tiny Cookie
CJelly Worm's Sticky GooJelly Worm's Sticky Goo• Briefly protect the most vulnerable Cookie. • While it could help that Cookie survive a lethal attack, its minute-long cooldown means that the Cookie team should be able to defeat their enemies before they can attack again.
$Ginkgoblin's Trophy SafeGinkgoblin's Trophy Safe
$Cheesebird's Coin PurseCheesebird's Coin Purse