Celestial Messenger
Sherbet Cookie

Release Date


Game Description

If you come across a feathery and fluttering golden trace on your path, you'll know that Sherbet Cookie has paid a visit to bring the news of the world. He hides his real appearance behind the beautifully luminescent trail he leaves behind, mesmerizing like a vivid spring sky. But listen closely, and you might be able to hear the echoes of his carefree laugh. Let that keep you company as you wait for his next visit. Before you know it, a little winged shoe might step onto your window sill. Knock-knock!


Sherbet Cookie's Celestial Messenger Costume appears to be inspired by Mercury, the Roman god of messages and travel who serves as a herald to the gods and a psychopomp to lost souls. Mercury is also often depicted as holding a caduceus much like the Celestial Messenger Costume.